2015 Goldstone Forum: Alain Elkann

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 8:30pm

Houston Hall, Bodek Lounge

3417 Spruce Street

Alain Elkann, Novelist and Journalist, presented on Jewish Life in Europe and the United States

How do the political participation, the cultural assimilation, the philosophical perspective, and the overall identity of the Jewish people in Europe differ from their cousins in the U.S.? What in their future seems likely to be common and what may well be very different? How have the existence and policies of Israel - a land outside the boundaries of both continents and yet central to the consciousness of all Jews -- affected these conclusions? These questions become critical considering the latest episodes of terrorism in various European countries. 

A prominent European novelist and journalist, Alain Elkann is uniquely connected to an international network of intellectual, religious, and business life. He has co-written books with the chief rabbi of Italy and the archbishop of Milan, and collaborated with a prominent member of the royal family of Jordan for a book on Islam. The recipient of numerous awards, Elkann was inducted to the Ordre national de law Legion d'honneur, the highest award of France, in 2009.

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