Life After PPE

Our students go on to pursue a variety of careers after graduating with a PPE major, in part facilitated by the focus each major develops in their theme. Popular sectors include Finance, Consulting, Public Policy, Technology and Education. Most of our students who go to graduate school, either right away or after a few years of work, study in professional fields like law, but a fair number of our students also go onto graduate programs in government and international development as well.

Career Services Data

Career Services conducts a comprehensive survey of students identifying their first job or graduate school after graduation. You can find data running back to 2011 broken down by major in their "Undergraduate Survey Reports." Beyond PPE, consider the disciplines related to your theme. For example, Public Policy and Governance PPE majors should also look at Political Science, and Globalization PPE majors should also look at International Relations.

Career Services Survey - Scroll down the 'College' to see the past few years of data.

Penn Admissions Statistics for Law School

Other Opportunities

Visit CURF to consider fellowships like a Fulbright and explore other programs like the Moelis Advance Acess Program which provides scholarship partly offserting the cost of a delayed Wharton MBA. Alumni Interview Project

Beginning in 2016, PPE's Undergraduate Advisory Board has been conducting Alumni Interviews. Learn from their experience!

      Interview with Anna Whiteman

      Interview with Antonio Martinez

      Interview with Douglas Miller

      Interview with Jennifer Tian

      Interview with John Petsagourakis

      Interview with Jillian Wang

      Interview with Rafael Burde

      Interview with Rebecca Stein

      Interview with Sameer Sheikh

      Interview with Tamara Groman


Some Vignettes

The videos below are of PPE alumni talking about how their education has affected their careers. We are indebted to Fernanda Dobal, class of 2012 and editor of the PPE student journal, for her help in the production of these vignettes.

PPE Alumnus: Nishi Shah


PPE Alumnus: Mark Disston


PPE Alumnus: Joseph Mazur


PPE Alumnus: Christine Swift


PPE Alumnus: Steven Winter


PPE Alumnus: Chris Poliquin