Undergraduate Advisory Board

The PPE Undergraduate Advisory Board is a committee of student representatives that serves to enhance the PPE major. It is a forum through which PPE students can share their concerns and hopes regarding the major with fellow PPE majors as well as the PPE Program. Board members serve as chief liaisons between PPE majors and the PPE Program, frequently offering and receiving recommendations in both directions. They often help in the implementation of PPE programs, and in doing so, develop strong relationships with our faculty and staff.

Prospective and current PPE majors seeking the perspective of a peer may contact the board at ppe-uab@sas.upenn.edu or by submitting an anonymous comment through the suggestion box below.

Current Board (2023-2024)

  • President, Katelyn Owusu
  • President, Nicole Flis
  • Secretary, Damon Lee
  • Senior Chair, Jessica Richman
  • Junior Chair, Jake Maeng
  • Events and Social Chair, Peyton Ronkin
  • Events and Social Chair, Yena Suh
  • International Student Representative, Nina Pham
  • Editor-in-Chief for PJPPE, Arushi Saxena
  • PJPPE Executive Assistant, Camilla Valente

Undergraduate Asvisory Board Member Profiles

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