Doug Paletta

Former Associate Director, Philosophy Politics and Economics
Former Associate Director, Penn Social Norms Group

I am proud to have joined Penn's Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program as the associate director during the summer of 2015. My research focuses on questions central to social contract theory, particularly on defending the approach against structural challenges and investigating accounts of moral motivation. This dovetails with my role as associate director of the Penn Social Norms Group, Penn SoNG, with its mission of bringing a researched, practical theory of social norms to those working to improve people's lives by improving the social context of their world.

Selected Publications: 

Douglas Paletta (2014). The Structural Competence of Contractualism. Journal of Value Inquiry 48 (3):437-447.

Douglas Paletta (2013). Equality, Capability and Neurodiversity. In C. D. Herrera Alexandra Perry (ed.), Ethics and Neurodiversity. Cambridge Scholars University 39-51.