Einav Hart

Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2019)
PPE Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2018)
Solomon D26
Research Interests: 

Conflict; Motivation; Negotiation; Trust; Decision Making

Einav Hart is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. She completed a PhD in Cognitive Science and the study of rationality (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2015).

Dr. Hart investigates the dynamic relationship between conflict, communication, and motivation. Her core area of research focuses on when and why conflict motivates people. Many of our social interactions involve conflict, in personal relationships and in the workplace. We may find conflict energizing and positive in situations such as athletic and creative competitions. Yet, in situations such as legal battles and warfare, conflict may be demoralizing and harmful. Organizations and states, as well, may thrive or wither with conflict. In my research, Dr. Hart investigates the effect of conflict on motivation across situations such as resource battles and negotiation. She is broadly interested in conflict, motivation, trust, social norms, and decision making.

Selected Publications: 

Hart, E., & Schweitzer, M. E. (under review). Getting Less: When negotiating harms post-agreement performance.

Hart, E., Avrahami, J., & Kareev, Y. (under review). The strong, the weak, and lady luck: The motivating power of uncertainty in competitions between unequal competitors.

Hart, E., Bicchieri, C., & Mellers, B. (under review). Bad luck or bad intentions: When do third party observers reveal offender’s intentions to victims?

Hart, E., Avrahami, J., & Kareev, Y. (2016). Enlarging the market yet decreasing the profit: Competitive behavior when investment affects the prize. Judgment and Decision Making, 11(4), 380-390.

Shen, Q., Teo, M., Winter, E., Hart, E., Chew, S. H., & Ebstein, R.P. (2016). To cheat or not to cheat: Tryptophan hydroxylase 2 SNP variants contribute to dishonest behavior. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 10, 82.

Hart, E., Avrahami, J., Kareev, Y., & Todd, P. (2015). Investing even in uneven contests: Effects of asymmetry on investment in contests. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 28(4), 395–409.

Hart, E., Kareev, Y., & Avrahami, J. (2015). Reversal of risky choice in a good versus a bad world. Decision, 3(2),132-145.

Israel, S., Hart, E., & Winter, E. (2014). Oxytocin decreases accuracy in the perception of social deception.Psychological Science, 25, 293-295.

Avrahami, J., Kareev, Y., & Hart, E. (2014). Taking the sting out of choice? Diversification of investments.Judgment and Decision Making, 9(5), 373–386.

Courses Taught: 

Advanced Interdisciplanary Seminar: Competitive Behavior (2015 - 2017)

Advanced Interdisciplanary Seminar: Trust and Deception (2015 - Present)

Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar: Competition and Negotiation (2018)