Paul Deutchman

PPE Fellow (Fall 2023 - Present)
375 Clauda Cohen Hall

PhD in Social Psychology, Boston College (2023)
MA in Psychology, Boston College (2020)

Research Interests: 

I’m a social psychologist and behavioral scientist studying collective action and social norms. The central goal of my research program is to better understand the social cognitive abilities that allow our species to cooperate successfully across diverse contexts—whether it’s international treaties, collective bargaining, or team collaboration. To do this, I conduct behavioral experiments and survey research with children and adults to better understand how these social-cognitive processes emerge across ontogeny and come to underlie and shape cooperative behavior. In my most recent work, I’m investigating how our beliefs about others influence social norms as well as the motivations and contextual factors that influence punitive behavior. 

Courses Taught: 
  • Psychology Capstone: Origins of cooperation and conflict