Sudeep Bhatia

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Research Interests: 

I study preferential choice using insights from psychology and economics. I am particularly interested in understanding how people learn, represent and retrieve information about the choice alternatives available to them, and how this information affects their final decisions. I also study the cognitive basis of intuitive judgment, again with a focus on understanding the mechanisms involved in representing relevant information in these types of judgments. My work uses mathematical and computational cognitive models, and tests the predictions of these models with behavioral experiments.

Selected Publications: 
  • Richie, R., Aka, A., & Bhatia, S. (in press). Free association in a neural network. Psychological Review.
  • Bhatia, S. & Richie, R. (in press). Transformer networks of human conceptual knowledge. Psychological Review.
  • Gandhi, N., Zou, W., Meyer, C., Bhatia, S., & Walasek, L. (in press). Computational methods for predicting and understanding food judgment. Psychological Science.
  • He, L., Pantelis, P. P., & Bhatia, S. (in press). The wisdom of model crowds. Management Science.
  • Zhao, W., Coady, A., & Bhatia, S. (2022). Computational mechanisms for context-based behavioral interventions: A large-scale analysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(15) e2114914119.
  • Zhao, W., Richie, R. & Bhatia, S. (2022). Process and content in decisions from memory. Psychological Review, 129(1), 73–106.
Courses Taught: 
PPE 3003/PSYC 2750: Behavioral Economics and Psychology of Choice
PPE 4800: Modelling Choice Behavior