PPE Policies

Double Counting Courses

  • You cannot double count courses in the major (completing a PPE major requires 16 distinct credits).
  • Up to three courses from the PPE major can count towards a minor. 
  • As per University policy, no more than one course can count towards both the major and a sector. 
  • PPE does not place any restrictions on double counting towards another major beyond the University requirements, which state "Students who are double majoring must complete 18 unique course units between the two majors."
  • Even though INTG 002 is a 2 cu course - you may not use INTG 002 as a second major course in the sectors.  While the course is 2 credits, it is treated as a single unit in regards to this rule. 

Credits in Major

  • No more than two non-college credits may count towards the major.
  • Your capstone must be completed in residence.
  • See: Pass/fail & Double Counting Courses


  • As per University policy, pass/fail courses cannot be counted towards the major. The exception is that all classes taken Pass/Fail during the pandemic can be counted for your major or for non-major requirements.

No Waitlists for Core Classes

  • PPE does not maintain waitlists for core classes. If you are a senior who needs a core course to graduate and you were not able to secure it during advanced registration, you should contact ppemajor@sas.upenn.edu immediately.
  • PPE can facilitate changing your recitation in a core course so long as you and a student currently enrolled in a different recitation section both come to the PPE office and request to swap your seats. Please do not drop your recitation before being instructed to do so by the PPE office - you will not be guaranteed the seat back!
  • Do not drop a core course once enrolled. We do not maintain waitlists and cannot guarantee that you will be able to get back into the course. 

Increasing Credit Limits

  • PPE will only increase the number of credits a student may take in a semester by one over the number of credits where a student has performed well - B+ average or above. PPE will only increase a student's credit limit if she or he intended to take an overload of courses. PPE will not increase a student's credit limit in order for a student to reserve a space in two courses when she or he only plans on taking one.
  • Please know "the undergraduate deans of all four undergraduate schools have agreed to jointly enforce a maximum credit load of 5.5 CUs (6.5 CUs for dual degree students and seniors who need more CUs to graduate on time) during advance registration for all undergraduates."

Minimum Grades

  • PPE has a minimum requirement of a C- for a course to fulfill a PPE requirement.


  • If you have a waiver for a PPE common foundation (e.g. ECON 001W or ECON 002W), you may substitute any other course taught in that discipline to fulfill the common foundation requirement. So, with an ECON 001W, you can fulfill your ECON 001 common foundation in major with any other ECON class.

Study Abroad

  • You cannot complete your capstone requirement abroad.
  • PPE owns very few courses. The only courses that will receive PPE Study Abroad credit in xCAT are core courses (PPE 311, 312 or 313) and interdisciplinary courses selected on an individual basis for a PPE student's theme courses in consultation with the PPE Associate Director. 

 CPT Visas

  • PPE does not run any formal summer courses appropriate for applying for a CPT visa. Past students have successfully applied for a CPT visa by organizing an independent study, relevant to both the major and the internship, that took place during the summer session. As with other summer courses, summer independent studies are not covered by Fall and Spring tuition. So long you design a project that's appropriate for your theme - confirmed in advance with the Associate Director - PPE will request a permit for the summer independent study.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the College's CPT Visa page.