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In a world where people are increasingly asked to employ tools that cut across disciplines, the PPE major offers an integrated, cross-disciplinary perspective that combines broad and rigorous training in the foundations of our allied disciplines. Each PPE major is required to specialize and encouraged to gain research experience in a concentration of their choice.

PPE students are free to explore and integrate many relevant disciplines and research areas. These disciplines bear on a wide range of important issues from the nature and implications of human decision-making to questions of justice and the ethical consequences of the competitions and markets, to the dynamic relationships between the economic, political and legal orders. Upon securing a foundation, you will be tasked with creating your area of focus - within a broad theme - consulting with PPE's advisor.

Since inception, PPE has been very popular and today it is one of the largest majors in the college. The major is intended to prepare its graduates for careers in public policy and public service, consulting, journalism, law and international affairs among others. It is an excellent pre-law major and it also offers suitable preparation for graduate study in any of the participating disciplines. As you explore your major options, take the time to consider how you might be interested in focusing the major and the kinds of opportunities a PPE major affords


Common Foundation Courses Offered SPRING 2020 


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