The Major Declaration

SAS provides directions on how to begin the major declaration process. You should begin by having a conversation with your pre-major advisor. We encourage you to meet with the PPE Associate Director to find out more about PPE as you explore different majors.

Within PPE, declaring the major is a formal process and must be done in person and by appointment. To declare, you must make an appointment with the Associate Director and fill out the Declare/Update Field of Study form found on Path@Penn (screenshot above) or on the PATH forms page.

When to Declare

When thinking about when to declare, we recommend first taking at least a class in each of our central disciplines - philosophy, political science, economics, and psychology - so that you have a better sense of the kinds of perspectives that partially constitute the PPE major.

The PPE Associate Director is available to help you choose courses for your common foundation even before you become a major.

Approaching the Major

The introductory courses in the Common Foundations provide important intellectual and interdisciplinary context for the intermediate courses in the Core and advanced courses in the Thematic Concentration.

Since PPE is a 16 cu major, we further recommend completing the common foundations by the end of sophomore year.

You must speak with the major advisor before any courses can be considered for your advanced, thematic classes.