Rigorous Reasoning

Modern social science requires the ability to analyze data, construct models, and understand how statistics can be used (or misused) to justify policies. The PPE pre-requirement of rigorous reasoning is intended to help you with higher level coursework, especially your Capstone seminar. 

Typically, calculus is required for those studying advanced economics, and statistics prepares students for social science research. While we think both are important, statistics is especially important for PPE, so we strongly advise taking at least one STAT course.


** You must take one course from either Formal Reasoning or Quantitative Data Analysis in order to fulfill the Rigourous Reasoning requirement. Quantitative reasoning courses above the levels posted here may be accepted on an individual basis. **


College Requirement of Formal Reasoning

MATH 1400: Calculus, Part 1 (formerly MATH 104)

MATH 1410: Calculus, Part 2 (formerly MATH 114)

PHIL 0710: Logic and Formal Reasoning (formerly PHIL 015)

PHIL 1710: Introduction to Logic (formerly PHIL 005)

*** Please note that MATH 1700 (formerly MATH 170) and MATH 1300 (formerly MATH 103) do not count for the rigorous reasoning pre-requisite.


College Requirement of Quantitative Data Analysis

STAT 1010: Introductory Business Statistics (formerly STAT 101)

STAT 1020: Introductory Business Statistics (formerly STAT 102)

STAT 1110: Introductory Statistics (formerly STAT 111)

STAT 1120: Introductory Statistics (formerly STAT 112)

ECON 2300: Statistics for Economists (formerly ECON 103)

PSCI 1800: Introduction to Data Science (formerly PSCI 107)

PSCI 1801: Statistical Methods for Political Science (formerly PSCI 338)

SOCI 2010: Social Statistics (formerly SOCI 120)

COMM 2100: Quantitative Methods in Communications (formerly COMM 210)

CRIM 1200: Statistics for the Social Sciences (formerly CRIM 250)