Distributive Justice

This is a theme for students interested in ethics and political philosophy. Distritibutive justice concerns how rights and resources should be distributed in a just society, which includes different theories of justice.

Choosing Courses

When choosing course to develop your theme, please keep the following in mind:

  • The five thematic courses you choose should coherently work together. Your five theme classes must create a cohesive story and will need to be approved by the PPE Associate Director.
  • No more than two classes from outside the School of Arts and Sciences can count towards your PPE major.
  • You may take more than one capstone seminar, counting the additional capstones towards your theme courses.
  • Theme courses are your advanced courses in the major. Consult with the PPE Associate Director if you think a lower level class is appropriate for the development of your theme.
  • You are encouraged to look for classes outside of the sample course list in order to tailor your theme to your specific interests. Some departments we recommend looking for courses in are: ANTH, BIBB, COMM, ECON, HIST, HSSC, MKTG, PSCI, PSYC, and SOCI.

Thematic Concentration Course Proposal Form

In order to have a course approved to use towards your theme, you will need to submit a request using the thematic concentration course proposal form. All requests will be reviewed by the PPE Associate Director. You are encouraged to search for courses outside the sample course list in order to refine your theme.

Suggested Distributive Justice "starter" courses:

  • ECON 0420 Political Economy
  • ECON 0440 Law and Economics
  • PHIL 3431 Justice
  • PHIL 2430 Global Justice
  • PSCI 1205/1206 American Constitutional Law I/II
  • PSCI 1406 International Human Rights
  • SOCI 2240 Law and Social Change
  • BIOE 5750 Health Care Reform and the Future of American Health Care

We've included below some "real world" sample concentrations, shared with permission from recently graduated PPE students!

Sample Set #1

 LGST 1010  Law and Social Values
 PSCI 1406  International Human Rights
 PHIL 3431  Justice
 CRIM 2030  Law and Criminal Justice
 PHIL 2450  Justice, Law, and Morality

Sample Set #2

 PHIL 1450  Philosophy of Law
 LGST 1000  Ethics and Social Responsibility
 PSCI 1406  International Human Rights
 CRIM 2070  Biopsychosocial Criminology
 LGST 2180  Diversity and the Law


Any course you use towards your thematic concentration will need to be approved--even if it comes from the sample course list. Requests for course approval can be submitted through this form. All requests will be reviewed by the PPE Associate Director.