This is a theme for students interested in international affairs, whether it be centered around a particular region, or concentrated around a relevant concept (such as global trade or international law).

Choosing Courses

When choosing courses to develop your theme, please keep the following in mind:

  • The classes below are examples of classes that typically count toward this theme.
  • The five thematic courses you choose should coherently work together.
  • No more than two classes taken from outside the School of Arts and Sciences can count towards your PPE major.
  • You may take more than one capstone seminar counting the additional capstones towards your theme courses.
  • Theme courses are your advanced courses in the major. Consult with the PPE Associate Director if you think a lower level course is appropriate for your major, though we recommend you take these courses to fulfill sector requirements.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; other courses offered by the University may be perfect for the development of your theme. Each semester you should look for relevant courses offered in the core disciplines, PhilosophyPolitical ScienceEconomics, and Psychology, as well as others that may develop your theme. The links below provide easy access to courses offered in some related disciplines, but please search beyond these for relevant theme courses! If you find a relevant course not listed below, you may petition to include the course in your theme with the PPE Associate Director's approval. Successful petitions will articulate how the course directly contributes to the way you are developing your PPE theme.

Globalization majors may be particularly interested in events held at the Perry World House, the Center for the Advanced Study of India, or one of the other many Global Centers on campus.


Sample ways of organizing your Globalization theme:


PSCI 413: Evidence-Based policies of Economics and Political Development

ECON 024: Development

SOCI 435: Globalization and the Welfare State

LGST 216: Emerging Economies

PSCI 244: Political Economy of Development

International Institutions

ECON 050: International Economics

PSCI 358: International Law

PHIL 271: Global Justice

INST 510: International Norms and Governance

PSCI 151: International Security

Middle East

PSCI 211: Politics in the Contemporary Middle East

LGST 224: Globalization and Human Rights

PSCI 152: International Political Economy

PSCI 153: International Law and institutions

INTR 250: Political Risk Analysis


HIST 451: U.S. War and Diplomacy

PSCI 398: International Political Negotiations

EALC 105/505: East -Asian Diplomacy

PHIL 577: Law and Morality of War

PSCI 258: International Relations of U.S. and Asia

Other Sample Courses 

CAS College Courses

AFST 257/AFRC257/PSCI 210: Contemporary African Politics

AFST 515/PSCI 516: African Political Economy

ANTH 273: Globalization and Public Health

ANTH 394: NGOs and Humanitarianism

COMM 304: Chinese Media

COMM 391: Politics, Media, and Public Diplomacy

EALC 071: Modern Japanese History

EALC 105/505: East-Asian Diplomacy

ECON 024: Development

ECON 028: Financial Meltdowns

ECON 050: International Economics

ECON 062: Soviet Economics

ECON 102: Intermediate Macro

ECON 251: International Trade

ECON 252: International Finance

ECON 261: Topics in Development

ENVS 204: Global Climate Change

HIST 232: Iran, Iraq, and Persian Gulf

HIST 233: Law and Colonialism in South Asia

HIST 394: US and China: 1912-2012

HIST 451: United States: War and Diplomacy

HSOC 239: Globalization and Health

INTR 101: Transnational Issues in Global Politics

INTR 290: Topics in International Relations

PPE 298: PPE Study Abroad

PPE 401: Independent Study

PPE 498: Honors Thesis

PPE 475: Capstone Seminar

PPE 476: Capstone Seminar

PPE 499: Advanced Research

PSCI 110: Comparative Politics

PSCI 116: Political Change in the Third World

PSCI 150: Introduction to International Relations

PSCI 152: International Political Economy

PSCI 151: International Security

PSCI 153: International Law and Institutions

PSCI 211: Politics in Contemporary Middle East

PSCI 213: Latin American Politics

PSCI 214: Political Economy of East Asia

PSCI 215: Politics of the European Union

PSCI 217: Russian Politics

PSCI 219: Contemporary Chinese Politics

PSCI 224: Political Economy of Development

PSCI 253: International Politics of the Middle East

PSCI 255: The Causes of War and Peace

PSCI 256: International Relations of US and Asia

PSCI 257: International Relations of South Asia

PSCI 258: Human Rights

PSCI 259: Chinese Foreign Policy

PSCI 298: Selected Topics in Political Science

PSCI 358: International Law


Non-College Courses (Maximum of 2 may count towards your PPE major)

BEPP 203: Business in Global Political Environment

BEPP 233: Consumers, Firms and Markets in Developing Countries

BEPP 289: Nations, Politics and Markets

EDUC 505: Globalization and the University

EDUC 514: Education in Developing Countries

FNCE 101: Monetary Economics and the Global Economy

FNCE 219: International Financial Markets

FNCE 613: Macroeconomics and the Global Economy

INTS 510: International Norms and Global Governance

INTS 511: International Organizations, Economics and Governance

INTS 512: Global Issues, Politics and institutions

LAW 584: Research in Foreign Law

LGST 216: Emerging Economies

LGST 219: Law and Politics in International Business

LGST 220: International Business Ethics

LGST 224: Human Rights and Globalization

LGST 299: International Economics Law

MGMT 208: Globalization and International Political Economy

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