Goldstone Forums

The Goldstone Forum is made possible by Steven F. Goldstone, former chairman of Nabisco Group Holdings and Penn graduate (C '67) in Political Science. The Goldstone Fund, created from his gift to the PPE program at Penn, supports endowed postdoctoral fellowships, underwrites visiting lecturers and conferences, aids PPE majors conducting research for their Capstone seminars, and provides funds for PJPPE, the PPE undergraduate journal.

This Year's Speaker

2024: Stefano Puntoni

Previous Speakers

2023: Elijah Anderson

2022: Cancelled

2021: Robert Cialdini

2020: Cancelled 

2019: Deirdre McCloskey

2018: Dan Ariely

2017: David Yokum

2016: Trevor Potter

2015: Alain Elkann

2014: Stanley Fish

2013: Molly Melching

2012: Edward Rendell

2011: Nassim Nicolas Taleb

2010: Malcolm Gladwell

2009: Paul Krugman

2008: Steven Levitt

2007: Dennis Thompson

2006: Robert Putnam

2005: Thomas Schelling

2004: Bruce Ackerman

2003: Gary Becker

2002: Cass Sunstein

2001: Ronald Dworkin